Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mappy Valentime's Day

Dan and I watched a 30 Rock episode a few years ago with Rachel Dratch as a guest star and her character says, "Happy Valentime's" and somehow that morphed into "Mappy Valentime's" and it stuck. We have several sayings/phases that have started out as a joke and now permanently reside in our vocabulary.

Dan and I are super low key, so the day of love has never been a big deal to us. But, gosh, when you have a child, it's so much more fun and special. I took off work early to head to Ellie's party at daycare.

The kids in her class exchanged valentines, and her awesome teachers, Miss Stormi and Miss Allison, helped her make a box for her goodies. They even got roses for the moms. Isn't that sweet?

Ellie brought Smarties and Cuties to her classmates with this note attached.

I always find it interesting to watch all the kids eat. Some go straight for the sweets, others nibble on the cheese, while some pick out the salty and dive in. Out of a cookie, cupcake, grapes, cool whip, bananas, string cheese and Cheetos, Ellie went straight for the cupcake then cookie. 

In the picture above, some of the kids were clanging their juice boxes and Ellie got tickled. It's fun to see her interact with kids her age.

When we got home, we played outside in what little snow we had left. Our neighbors weren't outside...when they are, Ellie makes a beeline over to their house to play with the older girls and their toys.

Of course Ellie got goodies from her Grammy/Papaw and her Great-Grandmas. Daddy got her an Elmo balloon and Mommy and Daddy got her a little monkey purse with a book, candy, fruit snacks, bubbles and a puppy dog.

Mappy Valentime's from the Myers family!