Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Birthday Present

Today I got my birthday present. It's a day early, but the timing contributes to its special meaning. You see, today marks the 10th anniversary of my great grandma's passing and this years present reminds me of her so much.

My Me-ma was a sweet lady. Every card you received from her had the message underlined multiple times and she always closed it with, "God loves you and so do I. Always have, always will." I've grown to love this saying and our family has carried on the tradition of underlining and using this message to show our love for one another. My brother gave me a Bible for my 20th birthday with this message written in it and it's one of the top three items I'd grab if my house were on fire or a tornado was heading my way. That phrase is special to me. It's meaningful. It's a statement of absolute, unconditional love, which is rare in today's society.

So, my sweet husband ordered me this ring from The Vintage Pearl for my birthday.

I'm so thankful for this sentimental gift to remind me of God's love and a family's bond. No matter what happens in my life, I hold on to this truth. "God loves me and so does my family. Always have, always will."