Thursday, May 5, 2011

Things Are About to Get Weird

Our church just finished a series called "Weird" inspired by Pastor Craig's new book by the same name. I quickly devoured the book which covers five main areas: time, money, relationships, sex and values, and have been inspired to live a different lifestyle because as Craig puts it "normal isn't working."

On top of this new challenge, this calling to be set apart from normal society, I'm on the edge of a milestone: turning 30. A couple weeks ago, I turned 29. Weeks before my birthday, I knew I wanted to do something a little crazy, a little different, a little, well, weird. Then it came to me. For a whole year, I'm giving up shopping. No more buying shoes, clothes or accessories that are new until I turn the big 3-0 next April.

For several of you who know me well, your jaw probably just hit the floor. I had the same reaction to this crazy thought. In fact, that's part of the reason I haven't blogged about this decision sooner. I knew once it was in writing and made public, I'd have to follow through. Plus, I'm eating better and exercising, so I'm "releasing" a few pounds, which will only increase my need for new, smaller-sized clothes. I wrestled with this decision, but ultimately I felt like I needed to push myself and give myself a challenge in this area.

Why give up new clothes and accessories, you ask? Well, in theory people view their 20s as their fun-loving, doing anything, live it up period of life, so conventional wisdom would suggest that one should do a series of fun, selfish acts to capitalize on their last year of "youth." I don't buy into that hype. It's incredibly amazing to see how many young people today are striving to simply look the part and be cool, so they buy into this lie from society that in order to have fulfillment and to be accepted, it's all about the right look, the expensive jeans and the hip brands. Big hat, no cattle (my new favorite phrase, courtesy of Dave Ramsey) So, me not focusing on shopping for one year isn't really about spending less money, but more about distancing myself from the thought that the brands and trends I wear make me a better person, and that fashion/clothing bring meaning to my life.

Here are the details. Like I mentioned before, no new clothing, shoes or accessories for one whole year. If I need something, I have to:

  • buy used at thrift stores, consignment shops or garage sales; or
  • borrow something from friends.
I have allowed myself two loop holes: a bathing suit and under garments because buying those used is just GROSS!

I'm sure I'll be posting regularly about my not-buying-new journey, and asking friends to please help a sista out! There are bound to be days where I curse my closet, but I know the sacrifice will be worth it.

I leave you with my first thrift store find. Merona cardigan for $3.99. I know I could have done better on price, but I was excited to find something without 80s shoulder pads!


  1. Proud of you, Lace! We'll be supporting you in any way we can! :)

  2. Thank you! This post has been really popular. Either people are making fun of me or they think it's neat. I don't care; I know the people who support me and I appreciate them. :)