Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fun with Photo Booth

It was girls' night tonight--Dan was off getting some corn for deer season, which left me, Ellie and Peaches for dinner and the bedtime routine. Which also meant we could act super silly without a care in the world. We growled, we wrestled, we danced--all great fun which would soon be surpassed by playing with Photo Booth.

I just signed on to play around with Pintrest (still on the fence about it because I like it as a bookmarking tool, but I don't like the idea that all my boards are public) when Ellie walked up and wanted on my lap. I thought, "hey, we could go to YouTube and watch more School House Rocks videos." But then I remembered how much "Unpack Your Adjectives" stayed with me the other day (singing it now!). Then the lightbulb went on. Let's play with Photo Booth. Brilliant!

Take 1: Her eyes are closed

Take 2: Trying to be silly, but she didn't get it.

Take 4: Mommy said 'forget it' to the silly, stick-the-tongue-out face, and went in for a kiss.
Ellie finally gets the stick your tongue out memo.

Take 6: Here we're supposed to be screaming, but I'm not sure what she decided to go with last minute. Wait...yep, I think her nose was running. That's her 'gross, my nose is running' face.

Take 8: Yep, we both nailed this one. We were growling.

Final Take: Me waving bye-bye and Ellie blowing a kiss. Doesn't get any sweeter than this!

We finished off girls' night with a ride around the block in Ellie's car, had a double date with Elmo and Grover, washed our hair and counted our toes. Not exactly pedicures and margaritas, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

P.S. You can always tell how silly we get by E's hair...it was pretty crazy tonight!

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