Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Frog

God uses mysterious ways to guide, reaffirm or comfort us. In the Bible, it was a talking donkey, an angel, a star, among others. Today, for me, it was a frog.

After 93 years, my great-grandma went to be with the Lord and we laid her to rest today. Many people said good-bye to a mother, sister, grandma, aunt and friend. While standing outside waiting to be escorted in, we noticed a little frog hopping toward the door of the church.

You see, my great-grandma loved and collected frogs. She had a large collection of frog stuffed animals and figurines. So, a little frog trying to get into the church was the perfect subtle reminder of God's comfort and love, and grandma's special memory.

And it's that memory and so many others that I'll hold on to as I remember her life and her legacy. She had such a joy and passion for life and a genuine love for others that will remain with me always. In fact, inspired by her love, Dan and I performed a random act of kindness for someone this evening because I couldn't help but reflect upon the joy great-grandma had when she gave someone something...and I want more of that joy in my own life.

I believe that God gives us more when we appreciate what we have and make the most of it. Whether it's our finances, our time or our talents, He loves to bless us with more--but only when we wisely use what he's given us. I wonder if that's why grandma had such a full life...because she was always grateful for what she had and lived her life full of joy, so God blessed that.

I'll miss grandma's smile and her laugh. I'll miss her spunk. She was witty and quick with a comeback. And so funny! She was exceedingly generous. A fantastic cook and talented with a needle and thread.

I realize how truly lucky I am to have had a great-grandma for 29 years. That's something that's rare and I'm forever grateful to God for these many years and for that little frog reminding me of how special she is--as if I could forget.

Her 93rd birthday (note the frog robe)

Five generations, taken last Memorial Day

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