Tuesday, May 10, 2011

33 Random Things

I'm a very random person. You may mention that you went skiing in Vail over spring break and my next question will be, "Did you hear about that atom smasher in Geneva?"

What? How did the conversation just go from skiing to an atom smasher? Well, skiing makes me think about snow, which makes me think about hot chocolate, which makes me think about Swiss Miss, which makes me think about Switzerland and, alas, the atom smasher.

See, sometimes there is a method to what appears to be randomness. Sadly, today there's not. I just have a bunch of random thoughts going on in my bean I thought I'd share.
  1. Peep-toe sling back heels make me feel very lady-like. I'm wearing some today.
  2. I need a pedicure.
  3. I need a pedicure, badly.
  4. I found my make-up bag. It was in the drawer below where it's supposed to be. Didn't think to look there.
  5. I finally cleaned out the back seat of my car. Poor Ellie was almost up to her eyeballs in winter coats and gear.
  6. I found several lost hairbows under above mentioned junk.
  7. Ellie says bow right when she wakes up and grabs her hair looking for her hair bow.
  8. She left a path of baby powder from her room to the living room last night as she crawled with an opened container. I still haven't cleaned it up. Is it bad to want to just rub it in the carpet?
  9. Today is Alex's birthday. I like helping people celebrate their birthdays.
  10. I'm drinking that new MiO Liquid water enhancer and it's pretty good. Berry Pomegranate is where it's at.
  11. I'm in the process of booking my first photo shoot of a little girl in her dance gear. I'm so excited I'm almost giddy.
  12. I secretly wish I could wear glitterly dance outfits and not be ridiculed. I guess that's no longer a secret.
  13. I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Maybe, just maybe, someday I'll make that reality.
  14. I want to start a business that teaches/helps men be thoughtful gift-givers. There's a HUGE market, I'm sure.
  15. I have $70 dollars from my birthday and I have 70 ways floating around in my head about how I want to spend it.
  16. I want a 50mm prime lens for my camera.
  17. I want a sewing machine.
  18. I want to donate money to Charity:water and the A21 Campaign.
  19. My coupons are so unorganized.
  20. My husband makes deer steaks on the grill and they are so bomb!
  21. I think Cutie oranges are the best things ever, but they are so overpriced.
  22. My friend's brother and sister-in-law adopted a baby girl from China this week. I think that's so stinkin' awesome.
  23. I need to order some pictures of Ellie for my office and my home. The last ones framed are from her 3-month photo shoot.
  24. I'm ready for some rain tomorrow, but I don't want to see or hear any tornados.
  25. Cake Wrecks makes me smile every time. "Dang girl, it's Easter!'
  26. I hate talking on the phone.
  27. Things I need to do today: make a menu, grab a few things from the store, bake and go for a run.
  28. The last on that list might get dropped. I'm lazy.
  29. I want to use pops of color, mainly orange, in our bedroom.
  30. I'm looking for fun photography props. Let me know if you have old junk you want to get rid of.
  31. When I was pregnant, the smell of Salisbury steak made me want to throw up. I was at work and it was gross. Someone just said Salisbury steak and the memory came flooding back.
  32. I love reading other people's blogs.
  33. I want to plant some honeysuckle bushes in my back yard. The smell of honeysuckle and lilac both remind me of my childhood.


  1. 8. Not at all, it's just baby powder. Your hallway will smell fresher now.
    12. A guy at work (a parent who is filling in while our cook is on maternity leave) was sitting in my desk area while I had your blog pulled up. He said that #8 was funny, I said that I like #12 too. I forgot that he was a professional ballet dancer before moving to Oklahoma. Oh, he was also Prince Charming at the Disney World in Japan for a while. My bad!
    25. I considered telling my husband that I was pregnant by ordering a cake that said "Happy Falker Sotherhood," but then remembered that he doesn't read that site and wouldn't get it.
    32. I agree! Thanks for posting such a fun post. (That sounds a little redundant, but oh well.)

  2. Good thinkin' about the carpet, Courtney! Thanks for helping me feel less like a slacker.

    LOL, good one on the cake. That would have been hilarious! I seriously laugh so hard at that site. My recent fav was the "Dang girl, it's Easter!" I was telling Dan about that one before bed one night and seriously laughed for five minutes.