Friday, November 9, 2012

What's Been Going On As Of Late

I feel like there's so much going on right now that I need to take the time and go back to document through this blog. One of the most note-worthy can be found below.

You read that right ... Ellie is going to be a big sister, and she's so excited! She thinks she is having a baby brother AND a baby sister. Mommy has the sister in her tummy and Ellie is carrying the brother in her tummy. Anytime I talk about the baby making me feel sick or tired, she pats her stomach and says, "Baby brother make me feel sick." 

Currently, I'm 10 weeks along. My first doctor's appointment was about a week and half ago. Due to the issues I had when pregnant with Ellie, my doctor ordered a one-hour glucose test already and a 24-hour urinalysis. I'm praying I don't have the issues with my blood sugar or blood pressure this time around, but I know I'm in God's hands. I'm having those tests ran next week and should know something by the end of the month. We're taking Ellie to the next appointment so she can hear the heartbeat.

I've been sick, but it hasn't been awful. I'm tired, but it's manageable and Dan is huge help. I'm looking forward to my second trimester though. Not gonna lie!

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