Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddy Weekend

It's been a busy, fun-filled weekend. As much as I love them, they go too fast and always seem so jam-packed, even when I'm consciously trying to slow down. Can we make a three-day weekend the norm? Somebody get on that...stat!

Friday night was fun and insanely hot. I met two great friends of mine for an engagement/family photo shoot at Will Rogers Park. A park. As in, outside. As in outside in 100 degree weather. Hopefully, I'll be posting some more sneak peeks/highlights of this session over on my Lacy Myers Photography blog later this week.

I've been craving a banana snow cone like mad, so I decided to get one Friday evening after I sweated off a solid eight pounds at the park, but to my dismay, the snow cone stand was closed. Bummer! I settled for a 7-11 icy drink instead. Because of that move, the 7-11 icy jingle has been stuck in my head all weekend. "My icy drink's at 7-11!" Now it's stuck in yours, too. You're welcome! While we are on the subject, how original is that jingle? Wow. It's almost as good as "Mazzio's is better." I laugh at that commercial every time. Is it just me, or are advertisers getting less creative? Bring back some Sponge Monkeys, please!

Anywho, back to the weekend recap. Dan had to work Saturday. I was so bummed because we were going to take E's 15-month photos that morning...guess we will have to reschedule our princess' close-up. Ellie and I ran errands, picking up a few food items for D-Dawg's Father's Day celebration. I realized this weekend that I MUST get organized with my coupons; I spent way too much money at Wal-mart! I was doing so well, but I've just been so lazy the past few weeks. However, had I not been an honest person, I could have shaved $20 bucks of my bill. Ya see, Ellie has been playing with Mega Blocks at daycare and she's crazy about those things. I decided to pick some up at Wal-mart and she about jumped out of the basket lunging for them. As we were paying out, the cashier "rang" them up, but they didn't scan. She told me the total and it sounded really low so I asked her to make sure they rang up...and they didn't.

When we got home, I immediately took the blocks out of the sack so she could play. They kept her attention for 30 minutes--no lie! She's 15 months; nothing keeps her attention that long! She pulled every last one out of the bag and threw them down on the floor. Then she picked them back up and put them in the bag. Then she started putting a few together. She loves them!

I really hope she takes after her daddy regarding learning/knowing how things work. I still have to say "righty tighty, lefty loosy" when turning off the water hose. I don't want her future to be like that.

I swore I wouldn't buy Miss E anymore clothes, but we all know how this story is going to end. I picked up two outfits for her at Kohl's (nothing for me, just in case you're wondering).  You'll see one of the outfits in the Father's Day pictures. The other has a dog on it with Hawaiian-ish shorts. She pointed at the shirt and said, "gah, gah." Gah=dog. How could I not get the outfit when she's so excited about the dog?

Once Dan got home from work and woke me up from my glorious nap, we decided to go grab a snow cone (finally, you're mine, banana!) and let E swim out front in her pool. We shared our snow cones--her first time to experience this summertime staple. She kept asking for more and grabbing the straw.

After E went to bed, we decided to put in one of the seven movies we own. Dan picked one of his favorites for us to watch: The Butterfly Effect. I forgot how messed up that movie is. I made Dan fast-forward through the dog part; I seriously couldn't watch or listen to it. 

Today was Father's Day, of course. I got up extra early to make Dan some fresh blueberry pancakes with whipped topping. Ellie loved them. Of course she did. That girl's like her momma; she's never met a carb she didn't like. Later at church while talking with some of our friends, I realized she had a piece of blueberry in her ear. Mom of the year, I tell ya!

After church, we fired up the grill. For what, you ask? Brats, of course!

Ellie and daddy manned the meat and the veggies.

It was too much work for E. She had to take a strawberry break.

Don't forget the gifts! Ellie granted Dan's request by getting him a Thermos and travel mug; she is a genius when it comes to ordering through Amazon. She already has mommy's credit card number memorized. Dang you, Elmo, for teaching her numbers!

Here's a close up of the card.

What Father's Day is complete without a daddy/daughter portrait? I'm so lucky to have both of these silly heads in my life.

No, you can't have my banana snow cone! :)

Happy Father's Day, babe!

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