Thursday, June 16, 2011


I knew better.

I shouldn't have done it.

I instantly regretted it.

I tried on clothes at Target last week. <sigh> They looked amazing. <sigh> I couldn't buy them. <double sigh>

Why did Target have to suddenly get a load of super cute summer items? I'm talking gorgeous, flowing maxi dresses, shorts that actual looked decent on my albino legs and beautiful turquoise and hot pink tank tops. I didn't even look at the shoes or I would have probably thrown a temper tantrum the size of Texas because of my "stupid challenge." That's what it has been referred to lately.

Honestly, I'm not sure if all these items were really that cute, or if knowing that I can't buy anything increased their appeal to me. Like, whenever you don't find a guy attractive until you know he has a girlfriend? Better yet, he becomes more attractive if he's with a girl you don't care for. Come on ladies, you know this happens!

Who am I kidding? They were that cute!

I even tried to justify a purchase.

"These shorts are on sale and it's so hard to find shorts that look cute on. Just one pair won't hurt."

"This dress is on clearance...50% off! I've been eyeing it for three months and it's about the same price I'd pay for a used dress at a consignment store."

Just walk away, I told myself. So I did. Without a sack in hand. A minor victory in a battle that lasts 10 more months.

Sidebar: If you see me torturing myself reading a People magazine Style Watch, rip it out of my hand and hit me over the head with it. Really. I promise I won't hit back...I may bite, though.

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