Thursday, June 30, 2011

Quarterly Top 5

I'm entering Click It Up a Notch's Top 5 Quarterly Link Up for the first time.

Click it Up a Notch

Below are my top 5 favorite images from the past three months (April - June). 

I really hope to win. I love the 'Redeemed' T-shirt from Wild Olive Tees. Check them out; they have some super cute stuff!

Ms. E is totally in love with Elmo, as are most children her age. It melts my heart to watch her point to him in her books and say, "Mo."

Her first snow cone, a summer staple. Another summer staple? A pink pool in the front yard. Ah, summertime!

She is such the little momma. Giving her baby some love.

Many will remember this from my Bad Habits post; Ms. E is eating Cheez-Its in her car.

I'm obsessed with her feet and she loves her sandbox!


  1. Yummy watermelon!! We eat multiple a week.

    I love her cute dimples and those jean leggings are adorable.

    Thanks for linking up with us and I, too, love those shirts!!

  2. Great photos. Love that watermelon photo and the one of her with her baby. Thanks so much for linking up with us.

  3. Too, too cute! I love watching my two year old "mother" her babies; so sweet!