Tuesday, January 18, 2011

People at the Gym

I know there are a lot of random, weird things I do that aren't normal compared to the average person, but please tell me someone other than me names people they see at the gym. Anyone? I'm not talking about mean, body-related names, just nicknames because you don't know their real one. For instance, tonight I worked out with Cowboy Randy...or was it Sandy? Dandy? Handy? I'm not sure; the first initial on his western belt was covered with a belt loop. Oh, the torture! Maybe it was just Andy.

Then there was Mother and Daughter Slow Jam. Working out as a family = awesome! I commend parents for setting a good example and helping their children learn healthy habits, but when you slowly walk two-wide on an indoor track, you become Mother and Daughter Slow Jam. <<dialogue in Lacy's head, "Come on, you can do it. Push harder, run faster. Just make it past Mother and Daughter Slow Jam and then you can stop.">>

Speaking of NASCAR lingo (two-wide) enters Jimmie, Jimmie Johnson that is. Not only does this Jimmie look like my friend's husband--who's also named Jimmie--but he's quick. So, when he runs past, I try to keep up with him as long as I can and take advantage of the draft. Jimmie has nice calves, too. I'd like some too, please. Minus the hair. And, more feminine looking.

So, here's to a healthy 2011 Cowboy Randy, Mother and Daughter Slow Jam and Jimmie. Hopefully we'll see each again.

Time to go watch the Biggest Loser, shower up and eat my Sara Sara cupcake half...I mean, broccoli. Yum!

Baggy Camo Pants Girl (my gym name tonight)


  1. So, does me calling you Terri Clark and mailing letters addressed to you by that name fall under this category?

  2. I thought about that the other day! I was thinking about how funny life is. Those articles you sent were written by one of my professors at UCO. :) Don't know if I ever told you that.