Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bitten By What? A Kid?

That was my naive response to being told this afternoon that my daughter had been bitten not only once, but twice today at daycare. It never even dawned on me that I'd have to worry about my child being chomped on. Oh, sure, I know that biting is somewhat normal in children and that the majority of parents deal with a biting victim or a perpetrator, but at 10 months? Really?

As much as I didn't see some kid treating Ellie like a Pink Lady apple coming, I certainly didn't expect that she'd be bullied before she could even walk. You see, apparently there's a pattern with this little girl and she's taken aim on Ellie, even kicking her in addition to the bites. It's like hazing. Initiation to a new classroom and I don't like it one bit!

The reason why I bring this up is not just to vent, but to figure out, how do you handle your child being bitten? I tried not to over react and extend some grace to this kid and her family, but I don't want my child being afraid to go to daycare. If you're a parent, how have you dealt with your child being bitten? If you're a teacher, what's happening at school to keep her away from this other child?

It's not like I can teach her to punch--or if I'd want to even go there-- and she can't tell me if things get out of hand. She's a baby. My baby. And this situation makes me want to give every kid in her class laffy taffy then compare the bite marks to the ones on her forehead to find the perp. Detective work at its finest.

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