Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bad Habits

When we bought our first brand new car back in 2007, Dan made one rule and one rule only--no eating in the car. How long did that last? Um, about two months. I'm pretty proud of myself for sticking it out that long. Well, maybe it was more like one month. Anyway, it felt like an eternity to me. I practically live out of my car. It's never clean. There's always clutter. You'll always find shoes, CDs, receipts and coffee cups rolling around clanging together as I turn corners in LaFonda the Honda. She was named post-Napolean Dynomite, just in case you were wondering.

Over the years, Dan has just learned to deal with my messy car. If it gets too bad, he'll sigh loudly as he gets in or dramatically pick up a few pieces of trash and that's usually my cue that it's time to clean her out.

So, imagine his dismay when he comes home this week and finds this.

Gasp! It's Ellie eating Cheez-Its in her car!

Dan, "What in the world! What's going on in here?"

Me, "I'm letting her eat in her car."

Dan, "You're teaching her bad habits!"

Ellie, "Nom, nom, nom...Cheez-Its!"

Me, "Well, she loves her car and she was having so much fun, but she's hungry." I quickly try to find ways to justify my behavior.

Ellie continues to nibble--and drop crumbs all over the interior.

I'm teaching her car-related bad habits? Whatever, Dad! Just wait until she can repeat "Move out of the way, you troll" or "Get your turd-mobile turned" and then we'll be even.

Until then, happy driving--and eating--Ellie!


  1. She is adorable!! And really...who doesn't eat in their car? :) Miss you guys!

  2. Thanks! Miss you too! We really need to have lunch or something soon. I miss hearing about that silly Hannah! :)