Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sweeter Than an After Dinner Mint

After dinner is quickly becoming my favorite part of the day. Look at these pictures and you'll know why. Ellie is so playful! She grabbed her new rugby ball from papaw and her dolly and we headed outside to play.

Look at that belly! Love it.

She's becoming quite the little momma. 

She loves her dolly.

Playing in the yard with a dandelion.

Her rugby ball from papaw. She had so much fun throwing it, laughing and doing it all over again.

Her hair is getting so long!

It's so much fun to watch her play and learn. She claps for herself when she does something right, like walk/crawl through the door frame. She gets excited when she sees birds fly overhead. And, she screams every time we must come back inside. Yep, after dinner is quickly becoming my favorite time of day...up until that point.

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