Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Today was Mother's Day. And, it's 2011. Just thought I needed to put the year in the blog title apparently. Didn't want you all to think I was going to start reminiscing about MD 2004, 1999 or any other year for that matter. The blog post is all about MD 2011...just for the record.

I have to say, this MD didn't compare to last year's, but it was still great. E was about 8 weeks old so last MD was my first and E was dedicated at church, so MD 2010 was a hard year to top. Nevertheless ( I hardly use that glad I could work it in) we set out to see what fun we could have this year.

After church, we headed down to great grandma and grandpa A's house for dinner. Soon after arrival, Ellie found the toy basket.

Ellie is the first granddaughter on this side of the family. Hence the absence of "girl" toys. She didn't mind though.

While watching her play in the floor I noticed how long her hair in the back is getting. Look at it; I see some curl coming on. <sniff sniff> Not that curls make me cry, but she's just getting so big!

She had fun playing with her great grandpa. She loves grabbing the stuff he keeps in his overall pockets. 

This next picture just makes me so happy. My grandpa has hands down the best laugh I've ever heard. His whole body just seems to shake. This has nothing to do with the picture. Just wanted to share that tidbit in case you're ever asked, "According to Lacy, who has the best laugh?"

Of course Ellie had fun with great grandma, too. I have one random picture of them today when Ellie put her hand down grandma's shirt. It was a little too odd to post.

We took a four generation picture and boy was that an experience. This is the best we got. Yep, I said this one was the best. Scary, huh?

This next one just makes me laugh. Check out Ellie's "hear no evil" pose.

After the "photo shoot", Ellie got some playtime with silly grammy. There's nothing better than hearing and seeing your child laughing. Medicine for the soul, I'm tellin' ya! 

The best part of the day? Finally getting a picture of her walking. Yep, she started walking yesterday after months of pulling up and walking with her toys. She's been walking with her toys before Christmas but just would never let go!


  1. Aw! She's walking!?! Better get ready to run forever! I fell like, once they start walking, they just start running and never stop.... :)

  2. Oh, I know! I'm getting so sad, but then again, she just gets so much more fun too.