Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Weekend Recap

While Dan and I were having our date night last week, apparently Miss E was having a good time at grandma's house. According to my mom, it was almost 10 and she was still awake. She laid her in bed with her and thought she'd turn on the television in the hopes that it would calm her down. She found Yo Gabba Gabba which she doesn't watch at home. Mom thought she was asleep until she stood up in bed and started dancing and clapping. That's my silly girl! Did I mention she slapped my mom in the face earlier in the night while she was pretending to sleep? Or that she cleaned the fireplace with her baby wipes? Gosh, I'm gonna have my hands full!

On Saturday when mom brought her home, we got out the pool for the first time this year. Ellie LOVED it! She splashed around and played with her duckie and turtles that squirt water.

Sunday after church we spent a little time outside in the front yard. We have a good amount of shade out front which makes it nice for a quick play date. Ellie loves to mimic what we are doing, so she started helping Dan pull weeds in our flower bed. 

Monday morning we went to the park. Before we left the house, I took Ellie out front so I could take her picture with her pigtails with matching bows I bought the day before. A neighbor was walking his dog and Ellie went crazy. She started walking down the sidewalk after him, pointing and saying, "Dog. Dog." She LOVES dogs. 

Surprisingly her bows stayed in on the way to the park. Probably because mommy played a trick on her and gave her something to play with in the car so she wouldn't rip them out.

This is one of my favorite pictures right now!

After the park, we came home and watched some Sesame Street. I love how she sits on the floor.

My sweet, silly girl.
Boy, was it hard on this mom to leave this precious face today. I love my three day weekends, but they just make the rest of the week even more hard when I have to be apart from this silly little girl.

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