Sunday, May 22, 2011

Postcards and Play Time

Ellie got her first postcard in the mail this weekend.

It was from her papaw in New Zealand and had pictures of native birds. She said "hoot hoot" while she was looking at it.

Mommy got a postcard, too. It had sheep on the front. Ellie growled at the sheep. Yep, she's a silly little girl. 

This isn't mommy's first postcard from papaw. I still have the one he sent me from Mexico when I was probably two or three. It has monkeys riding greyhounds on the front. Then he told me that he hoped I was being a good little girl for my mommy. Now he's telling me to "take care of his baby." 

Have you seen her lately? I'm pretty sure she's being well taken care of! Look at that face.

Saturday was the perfect day to run errands and play outside. We all enjoyed some time in the front yard.

She's walking everywhere now and grabbing rocks, mulch, leaves...anything she can get her hands on.

Peaches was outside, too. 

Peaches and daddy started playing, and that got Ellie's attention. At first, it was funny.

Then, she started getting concerned.

She had to check out the action to see what was going on.

Peaches ran up as if to say, "It's okay."

She got some love from Peachy, so she had to walk up and give daddy a huge hug.

She's quickly becoming a daddy's girl. I have mixed feelings about this. But, I feel so blessed knowing that from postcards to play time, she's fully and completely loved by many.

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